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September 22, 2017


Traveling to Costa Rica on yearly mission trips affords me the opportunity to take part in the hardest work I've ever done while experiencing a peaceful week of putting someone else's needs above my own.  It serves as a reset for my life as the Lord brings me to a place of pure thankfulness while in Costa Rica.  I remember my first trip 5 years ago.  The Lord gave my husband the idea for me to start a class through my family's non profit organization, Love Ministries.  The class would be for our young ladies who have grown up in our programming.  Our young ladies were seeking guidance in their next phase of life.  Normally, when I decide to take a step to start something new, my first reaction is fear.  I have learned not to let fear, worries about my busy schedule, or negative thoughts keep me from trying something new so I did my best to stay encouraged while treading in new territory.  I decided to name the class Every Heart Every Woman. It has grown in ways I never imagined.  In fact, women who haven't grown up in Love Ministries' programming are attending the class and have found a great community with loving support.  While in Costa Rica, the Lord really solidified in my heart how much I needed to begin the class and I'm so glad I did.  Every Heart Every Woman provides me with women who are constantly growing and taking steps to improve their lives.  I love it!  


Now it's time for the class to grow into it's next phase.  Again, it was during my reset on our mission trip to Costa Rica when the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to take the same format from our class and turn it into a radio show. Every Heart Every Woman radio show is a space for women to quiet the noise and restore balance in their daily lives through inspirational entertainment on the radio.  The show will feature inspirational live music, interviews with women who are impacting their communities, and a segment for listeners to call in with questions for the guests.


Inspiration can be found any where.  Our yearly mission trip is the perfect time for me to reset and recommit to serving God's people.  Every Heart Every Woman radio will bring in speakers to help women find their passion in life and inspire them to take those next steps.  Every Heart Every Woman radio will also serve the community.  Every year, a young woman from Love Ministries will be awarded an internship position with Every Heart Every Woman radio where she will learn how to start and maintain a thriving business.  Inspiring women is a growing passion of mine.  But it's also been an unexpected avenue for other women to inspire and encourage me.



Every Heart Every Woman radio show begins Friday, Oct 20 at noon on KVGI Radio.


Attend the launch party for Every Heart Every Woman radio and celebrate the release of Karla's new single "Walking In Light" Wed, Oct 11 at 6 PM



Mission Trip Photographs by Eric Carlson

Every Heart Every Woman logo by Hope Jones


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